How to increase your IQ for later in life

Key points:

  • Dr Vincent Candrawinata founded Renovatio Bioscience in 2016 following antioxidant research at the University of Newcastle

  • Dr Candrawinata is among many researchers who believe that a person’s intelligence quotient, commonly referred to as IQ, can be increased — instead of simply remaining static throughout life

  • As a lauded expert in the field of dietary science and wellness, Dr Candrawinata became one of the youngest PhD holders and was recognised by the Australian Government as an Individual with a Distinguished Talent in Research and Academia

According to Dr Vincent Candrawinata, a respected food scientist, clinical nutritionist and health researcher, many different factors influence your intelligence quotient or ‘IQ’ as you age, such as diet, genetics, upbringing, lifestyle and education.

The founder of Renovatio Bioscience, a former researcher, has claimed that activated saffron can potentially facilitate mental agility and stimulate brain function when trying to boost a person’s intelligence.

“Activated saffron together with activated phenolics support mental and nervous system well-being, healthy mood balance and sleep quality. Activated saffron is known for its ability to relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, decrease restless sleep and promote deep sleep and reduce nervous tension,” Dr Candrawinata said.

“This supports the brain to function at optimum levels which is important when seeking to increase your IQ. We have seen the extraordinary results supplements can deliver.”

“We conducted a trial this year where we asked 20 people to take an IQ test and then consume activated saffron in the form of mental resilience chewables every day for two weeks.”

“They then undertook an IQ test after these two weeks and the group experienced an increase in their IQ test of over five points.”

A previous study found that better mechanical reasoning and memory skills during high school were associated with a decreased risk of dementia later in life.

Dr Candrawinata said that engaging in mentally stimulating tasks was essential to improving your cognitive abilities, in addition to dietary supplements.

“It is possible to increase your IQ by training your brain to work faster and more efficiently. This involves undertaking simple daily activities and improving your lifestyle,” the doctor added. 

“Like your overall fitness, IQ improves over time. So if you undertake these activities consistently, over time, your IQ will gradually improve.  If you maintain these activities, you will minimise loss of IQ.”

Dr Candrawinata listed the different ways that people can keep their minds at work to stay sharp, quick-witted and on the ball, including:

  • Playing games

  • Reading

  • Improving visuospatial skills

  • Improving executive control activities

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

“It is said that reading just 30 minutes a day can improve your IQ over time.” the doctor said.

“This is a pretty powerful reason to read. Reading, whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction, helps to improve your cognitive abilities and support brain development. It also improves memory, imagination and spatial skills.”

“The majority of IQ tests assess your visuospatial skills in some way. This measures your ability to comprehend and envision the physical representation of objects in your mind. In simple terms, it means you can determine the space and location of objects.”

“Hobbies such as photography, jigsaw puzzles, memory games, geography, origami, chess and drawing are also good for developing your visuospatial skills.”

“Games that push you to think such as word games, knowledge games and activities that require you to strategise and process activities, organise and plan are also very good for your brain.”

By combining each of these in your day-to-day activities, you can help keep your mind active later in life.

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